Should You Delete Old Content on Your Website?

July 6, 2021 by Howard

Old, low-quality, and embarrassing content is a constant for content marketers and publishers across the globe. 

You create a website and start publishing content that you think is great. A few years later, you take a look at all those old content pieces, and you feel embarrassed because of how poor it looks and reads.

In that case, what should you do?

Should you delete old content on your website? (more…)

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4 reasons why your content headline may fail

March 8, 2021 by Alfie Lewis

Roughly 80 percent of the people only read the headline. Nearly 60 percent of people share a link after just reading the headline.

That’s how important headlines could be.

But what if your headline fails?


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Alfie Lewis

A beginner’s guide to understanding content syndication

September 9, 2020 by Naim

Content marketing strategy is often at the centre of your overall online marketing plan. After all, it is the content that drives traffic, connects you to your audience and potential customers, helps drive sales, and also supports other marketing campaigns.

Regardless of the importance and amazing potential of content marketing, it does have some problems — especially for people who are just starting. (more…)

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