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Marketing tips for 2019


As we suddenly find ourselves in the midst of January 2019, marketers must prepare for this new year and how to approach their digital marketing campaigns.
You may well be doing fantastically with the methods you were using last year, but to keep you brain refreshed and remembering what’s important, we have compiled a list of tips to help you stay on the right track.

  1. Focus on “why” – something that should be ingrained in every marketer’s brain. People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. You need to know why your brand will help people, why you want to help people, why your product works, why people should choose you over another brand. And you need to show, not tell. Show people how your business works, show them what you do and how it will be beneficial to them.
  2. Consistency is key – throughout your branding and communications, you need to be recognisable wherever people see you. Have a logo, a theme, a message and represent these all times.
  3. Get social media savvy – look at the social media platforms your customers are using and have accounts for the same ones. Be engaging, post regularly, respond to comments, be witty, be funny but be professional.
  4. Update you website – think of your website as a room in your house. Sometimes they need a refresh, a new coat of paint, touch up places that are marked or fix bits that are broken. Make sure your contact details are on there and a map, have relevant content throughout.
  5. Call-to-actions – make sure that throughout the site there are CTAs leading users back to your contact form page, landing page or sign-up forms. This will increase your conversion rate as customers will feel it necessary to do something that you are suggesting will help them.
  6. Write a blog – blogs can be used efficiently to give people a reason to come back to your site. Have relevant, useful content that could be giving them tips (like this one!), how to use a product of yours, sharing ideas of interest or simply something funny and engaging to brighten people’s day.
  7. Email marketing – once gaining permission (GDPR!!) from your customers, send them emails about upcoming events or sales you might have on your products. You can even select specific groups or individual clients/customers from your contacts list to tailor your emails to a more personal level, creating better relationships. Personalised emails generate a six times higher transaction rate than non-personalised.
  8. Build a referral network – the most powerful type of advertising of all time remains as word-of-mouth. If you build relationships with other professionals and businesses who you would happily send your customers to, then you can receive the same back from them. Everyone’s happy. You could even take a step further and co-market with another brand for a campaign relevant to you both, to increase your brand awareness and customer/client base.
  9. Answer questions – whether these be on forums, answer sites, your website. Whether they be related to your products or not, being willing to help people whilst representing your brand can only shed a positive light on what you do.
  10. Free consultations for prospering clients – this brings people in and once they’re in, keep them in. Once they have put their foot in your door with a delightful offer of a free chat to discuss how you can better their lives with your product, it will be harder for them to leave with empty hands and you, with empty pockets.
  11. Translate your site – your website is accessible across the globe, so make sure those outside of your country can read it. This will help build better relationships with potential clients because they can see that you are willing to cater to people’s different needs.
  12. Have a useful answer phone message – when your out-of-office answer message is played to callers, make sure that not only does it apologise for your absence, but that it directs them to your website or social media pages to encourage them to contact you by other means.

Good luck and happy new year! – from all at Kaweb.

Written by kaweb in Digital Marketing