Google confirmed Local Search algorithm update

December 24, 2021 by Alice

Google has recently confirmed that it ran a local search ranking update, which is now being referred to as the November 2021 Local Search update. 

The update ran between November 30th and December 8th.

So if you noticed any significant changes — positive or negative — in local search rankings between November 30th and December 8th, you now know the reason.

Here is the tweet by Google confirming the November 2021 Local Search update:


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How does downtime affect a website’s SEO?

by Sami

Although no one likes to see website downtime, it is not something that can be eliminated completely. Either because of poor servers or maintenance shutdown, websites can go down.

However, the important question is what kind of impact website downtime can have on a website’s search engine performance and rankings?  (more…)

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Team Interview Series: Josh

December 7, 2021 by Samwise Diamond

In this team interview series, we’re introducing each member of the IMSR team as they share key insights into the world of digital marketing, some of their hottest SEO ‘takes’, and more.

This week, we’re interviewing SEO Specialist, Josh Hamit. (more…)

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Samwise Diamond

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