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The Problem

PropCert are a company that specialise in the provision of various property certificates, including EPCs (energy performance certificates) and EICRs (electrical installation condition reports). Despite their professional standards, and the high quality of work, PropCert were being held back by a poor performance on search engines and therefore missing out on access to a multitude of potential customers – particularly for their EICR service.

Once realising this, PropCert did not hesitate to contact Improve My Search Ranking. After they had filled us in on their situation, we acted fast, developing a powerful SEO strategy for them (and sister company Energy Performance Certificates) to boost their website on search engines for EICR search terms.

The Results

  • 164.22% increase in search visibility score
  • 72 keywords on Page 1 of Google
  • 53.52% increase in monthly organic visitors

The Strategy

Initial talks with the team at PropCert helped us to grasp what their priorities were, and how the EICR service works. During these early stages, we also set aside some time to investigate the most relevant competitor businesses on Google and assess how their methods had already yielded positive results. Taking into account all the information gathered, we then felt that the next steps for our SEO campaign were clear.

Keyword Strategy

Putting together detailed keyword research is essential for any new SEO campaign. With much consideration paid to each keyword’s monthly search volume, user intent, and competition level, we pored over hundreds of possible search terms to target. For this particular campaign, we chose to target a few very competitive national keywords, as well as a large number of local, long-tail phrases. This twofold strategy was devised to help us both attain plenty of fast Page-1 results for location-specific landing pages, and also gradually build up the visibility of our core service pages over time.

On-Page SEO

During the campaign’s first few weeks, we carried out a thorough on-page SEO audit of the PropCert website, revealing a number of different strengths and weaknesses from the perspective of search engines. This is a crucial part of any SEO campaign, as it helps inform many of the decisions made by our team.

Listed below are several on-page SEO factors which typically need to be improved:

  • Title tags
  • Heading tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Robots.txt
  • Sitemap
  • Rich snippets & Schema tags
  • File names
  • Alt text and Title attributes
  • URL structure
  • Internal and external linking
  • Keyword density
  • Page speed
  • Page design
  • HTTP checks
  • Duplicate content checks
  • And more

Off-Page SEO

At the beginning of PropCert’s campaign, we knew that a key element of this would be a meticulous off-page SEO strategy to accompany our on-page work. Off-page SEO involves acquiring backlinks from a series of other well-established websites online. Search engines like Google perceive backlinks from external web domains as being a vote of support for the destination site, and therefore will tend to prioritise websites that have accumulated a large number of high-quality links. With this in mind, we set out to collect backlinks from many different webmasters, influencers, and bloggers online.

The off-page strategy we have carried out for PropCert has been highly effective, helping us to strengthen the site’s ranking ability and outrank several key competitors for a range of keywords.

Keyword Ranking Results

Current Rank
EICR assessor
EICR cost
EICR Essex
EICR Hampshire
EICR Chester
EICR Cambridge
EICR East Sussex
EICR Wells
EICR price
Commercial EICR

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